Need a File Hosting service

Looking for a file hosting service that does not change the name of files as they are uploaded. I am using an application to view the files (they will be pictures) and the application uses the file names to place the pictures in the appropriate spot. Most services I have explored so far always change the file name to a random string of characters, so that even if in the host folder it shows to me as the correct name, the direct viewable link is always something like “”, which doesn’t work for me.

Does anybody know of a service that would work?

Do you want free or can you pay some for it? You can buy your own hosted domain with tons of space for a few dollars a month and do that plus a whole lot more. The tools they give you are only slightly more difficult than setting up a canned file sharing service and you have infinite flexibility plus a whole lot more features (unlimited e-mail addresses that you control, FTP, your own custom web site, applets, statistics monitors, guaranteed service, live help and much more). It may be overkill for your needs but it is one option and it is cheaper and easier than most people imagine.

Dropbox keeps them the same. Example here.

If you don’t mind paying, any regular web host will do the same. I like Dreamhost or myself, but there are tons out there.

Doesn’t your ISP provide free webspace as part of your account? Would be sufficient for low traffic use I should think.

Google Drive. Works for me.

Sorry for the delay in responding.

I think a webhosting service is definitely the best bet. I just need to find the largest amount of space for the best price then!

And Google Drive does change the file names to a long string of junk, so it does not work for me.

Thank you all for the suggestions!