Photobucket for Zip files

Are there any services similar to photobucket that I can upload non-image files to?

My web server is currently dead and I need somewhere online to stick a couple of Zip files for distribution.

I’m not looking to host a website, just somewhere I can stash files and let people link into them.

If you have Gmail you can get a Firefox add on called Gspace that lets you use your empty Gmail storage as a file holding/sharing area and virtual FTP site.

Most ISPs provide a few hundred megs for webpages, files, etc. Take a look around their help section and see if you’ve got one already.

You could also try - but be warned that file-sharing sites tend to host a lot of porn. You want to be careful with links.

A (small) collection of sites that allow free hosting can be found here:

Also, Googling for “online file host” comes up with lots more - and for a small number of files, I doubt it matters much where you put them.

Gspace won’t actually help you much in this scenario because you want to allow other people to access the files - that only works if you’re willing to let them have your GMail password, which I hope is something you’re not inclined to do. :wink: