Help a newbie with photo/file sharing sites

I have a bunch of vacation photos I want to send to someone (like 400 of them). I’d rather do it online than burn a CD.

I know there are photo and file sharing sites out there, but I’m a total newbie and can’t figure out which site will do what I want. What I’d like to do is just put a zip file of them out there and be able to tell the recipient “just get them from here”. Alternatively, placing them in a picture site and pointing to that would work, too, – as long as the recipient can download them all at once. (Someone recently sent me a link to a photo site and I had to download each shot individually – a real hassle.)

I’m not really worried about copyright issues. These are just vacation snapshots after all.

So can anyone recommend a site that can do this for this newbie?


p.s., I looked at flickr, but couldn’t find anyway to download a bunch at once.

A great way to ease into this is google’s picasa and their photo sharing site. Picasa is a photo storage/simple-editing program available at which I love.

Picasa also makes it extremely easy to upload to google’s photo-sharing. If you have a gmail account it will associate with that. (And if you don’t it’s very easy to get one.)

In my experience this is the easiest way to do it – I set my parents and uncle up with Picasa and they are total computer newbies but had no problems.

Hmm. Now that I look at it again your friend may also have to have Picasa in order to download them all at once – not sure about that though.