Recommend me a good on-line photo hosting site?

Someplace I can store and show photos. I guess I’m starrting from zero, knowledge-wise here. I’ve looked at only a couple and I just get baffled (although it IS early, perhaps coffee would help).

Someplace cheap or free I can upload pics to that i can link others to view all or some of. Say I want to link someone to an individual picture and not the whole album, like that.

I’m guessing there’s some relationship between how large the storage is, and the cost, right?

Someone help me, while I go find the key to make the coffee machine free…

I just discovered What struck me about it is that they give you unlimited space (for free).

For hosting individual photos for linking to other sites (such as messageboards), I use

For my photography collections and showing photos in groups, i prefer fotopages.

Shameless plug: :smiley:

I also use photobucket. There’s also LiveJournal’s picture hosting site which I don’t happen to like because I don’t know how to use it.

I like photobucket because they allow remote links. So I can have my profile page at Epinions, for example, link to my picture at photobucket.

I like flickr. I really like the interface and the tagging.

Thanks, I looked at a couple of these. I didn’t want to use Yahoo, I think it’s the Eskimo commercial that turned me off…

I looke at photbucket and liked it a lot. Easy to use, linking to individual pics to post on my Xanga. So, I signed up there. Someday soon perhaps I’ll actually have cute animal pics to link to next time someone starts the inevitable cute pet picture thread.

I use Shuttercity, which has the added benefit of having people critique your photos. If you are just trying to post family photos, then perhaps My would be a better choice. This site allows you to list birthdays, etc. as well.

For individual photos, Imageshack couldn’t be any easier. 1Mb max size, direct links available, no registration required/available. I use it for message boards and IMing with friends all the time.

The downside is that you need to record the url right away. Since there’s no registration, there’s no way to get the image url’s if you forget or lose them. You can always re-upload, though.

I’ve gotten into the habit of creating a text document in each of my photo directories and pasting in the url’s.

Flickr has the best, easiest to use interface, plenty of storage space and the community features are great. Plus, it’s very addictive!

I assume these aren’t limited to images, right?

What if I wanted to make available a bunch of text files, compressed archives, and so on (open-source software, basically) in a way that would be reasonably stable (that is, the links don’t expire after three weeks) and not cost me anything (the main attraction of these sites). Would these places be right for me?

Most of those sites are images-only. Would SourceForge work for your needs?

You can indeed register with There’s a “my images” link on the front page when you do. It holds them all for you. Couldn’t be easier.

And yes, it’s a great site. I have only ever once seen a gif saying “this image has been removed due to using too much of our bandwidth” - I have hosted images on very busy message boards, and never come up against that problem, so they are fairly generous.

ImageShack also has a “photoblog” feature now, as well. I’ve found that they don’t go down like Photobucket tends to do at the end of each month, due to running out of bandwidth I guess.

Fantastic! I guess I never noticed that before.
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SF might be my best choice. Thanks.