What is a good free photo hosting site?

I would like to link to photos I’ll be taking of the Iditarod start tomorrow, but the sites I can find either want your life history or require access codes/passwords to look at the photos.

Anybody know of a good free site that isn’t a pain in the butt?

I’m going to give this a bump because I’m looking for one also.


Two of my friends run photo gallery sites. I’ll take this opportunity to plug them.



Shuttercity is larger, artsyfartsy focuses a little more on artistic photos. Both of them require nothing more than your name and e-mail address.

Be gentle – both of them are run by nice guys who pay all the server and bandwidth fees out of their own pockets.

If you’re just looking for hosting to link from (for a blog or whatever) I just started using www.photobucket.com today. So far I’m purty happy with it.
I use imagestation.com for photo albums I want to share directly with family without sending big fat e-mails.

Or maybe this one:

Yahoo! Photos works for me.

Club Photo is what I use when I need to be able to link to the photo

WebShots is OK for albums

http://www.freepichosting.com/ It’s pretty basic, but you can work off line.

How good is it for volume? Can it cope with, say, 200 people in 10 minutes opening one picture?

Just testing

I don’t know, but you could e-mail the guy who runs it if you haven’t already. I dropped five bucks in his paypal bucket and apparently that donation bought me a lifting of bandwidth and disk space restrictions. I just link from a hobby blog, and don’t really expect it to ever get much traffic. I may be special and unique, but so are a shitload of other people. :cool:
re: your picture, is that a tree planted in a rowboat in the middle of a pond, and why?

You’re lucky I wasn’t drinking my tea as I was reading that! :smiley: It looks that way. It’s actually an island in a boating ‘pond’ with some boats mingling near it.

It was my favourite place in the whole world as a kid. Spent hours on it the first time.