Need a Flash Animation of "I Want A Hippopotamus"

Okay, supervenusfreak doesn’t hang out in here that often, so he probably won’t see this. crosses fingers

I need to find a Flash animation of “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas”. I refuse to believe that this hasn’t been done, with all the goofy Flash animations out there. supervenusfreak LOVES this song, and I’d really like to send him a link as a little virtual stocking stuffer.

Does anyone know if there are any on the Web? Please and thank you, folks!

None that I’ve ever seen, but if you find one, send me the link, too. There was a video done to the song years ago-perhaps on America’s Funnies Videos or similar-it was produced with puppets-not flash quality.

I’m looking into ways to actually make one with World of Warcraft and the video-capture utility that works with it. If I manage it without severing all ties with my already-questionable sanity, I’ll send it to you.

Would you send it to me too? My sister adores that song. (As do I, for what it’s worth).

Will it be a creature, or maybe a kid walking and singing, or will creatures interact with him? You know, like in the part with “No crocodiles, no rhinoceroses
I only like hippopotamuses”, will the name creatures come up to the singer, only to be rejected? :eek:

I’m going to TRY to have a gnome female singing in front of a Winter Veil tree, for some parts of it. Then have a crocolisk from the Barrens for the crocodile, a kodo for the rhinoceros, and I may have to import some Fantasia hippos because I don’t think there’s a WoW equivalent of that.

I’m not encouraged by my progress so far, though. This will require me to become familiar with both Fraps and a WMV editor within 12 hours or so…doesn’t seem likely.

and hippopotamusses like me to-ooo :smiley:

Should any doper wish to enjoy hippo Christmas love, email me-I’ve got it on .mp3

Okay, different tack…I downloaded the trial of Flash 8. Wish me luck…and the good sense to quit if it’s making me crazy…

Well, this is not going to happen for Christmas. I have 30 days on the free trial, so I’ll keep working at it. If I finish it, I’ll announce it here and send it to who wants it.

He’ll enjoy it just as much if I finish it in January. :slight_smile:

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas <— Link to sound file and Lyrics.

take care

Thanks Meek! I’ve never heard that song before (or even heard of that song before). I loved it!

It’s not quite what you’re looking for, but this commercial using “I Want A Hippopotamus” has been playing incessantly around here. I’d never heard the song before the ad campaign started, but it’s fairly cute, and apparently it drove up demand for stuffed hippos in the areas it was on tv.