Need a forend for my shotgun.

I have a Mossberg 500c shotgun, 20ga, came with a short (18 1/2") barrel and a long one. The forend (the pump grip) isn’t to my satisfaction (too slippery), so I bought a Hogue set, stock and forend. The stock is perfect, but the forend doesn’t fit because it’s made only for the 12ga 500.
I’ve been to both the Mossberg and Hogue sites, plus other suppliers, looking for help, but had no succss. I’ve also googled th the best of my ability. Now I come to the ultimate information source.
Anyone know where I can get a forend for my puny 20ga? I would prefer direct knowledge, but leads are also appreciated.
If not, I’ll have to wrap the thing in friction tape. :wink:

Does this help?

Cub Hubby recommends:trying this gunparts index

or Numrich Arms

Have you tried the forums at some of the gun part websites? Search for mossberg forearm. They’re not cheap.,, and didn’t have a 20ga forearm when mossberg forearm was searched.

Thanks for the help. The problem is determining whether the grips will actually fit my gun. It seems that (i)everybody(/i) else shoots 12ga. Oh, well.
I’ve emailed Mossberg and Hogue asking for their help. We’ll see. And I’ll keep looking.
I might even try those anti-slip sticky things made to apply to your bathtub. Smiley faces on my shotgun. How cool. :slight_smile:
Thanks again,