Shotguns: Traps and other talk

I’ve been doing the trap shooting thing for about half a year now, and it’s great fun, excepting the part where I suck at it. My current gun is a pre-1968 Mossberg 500 20 gauge with a 26" barrel, which presents me with all sorts of minor difficulties. It has suffered no problems from being in a closet for 30 years, though.

On the technique side, I’m missing to the far left a bit and the straight-away shots.

Now, I know the people at the range keep saying to get a 12 gauge, but hey, money’s money. I’ve got my eye on a Spartan 310, but that won’t be for a while.

How are the rest of y’all shooting these days?

What’s the choke on your Mossberg?

Adjustable. Just a little wider than half-choke. Half my problem recently is that I got some number 8 shot, for better pattern… but didn’t realize it was 2 1/2 inches, not 2 3/4. It’s shredding the tips of the shell, so I’m betting the pattern isn’t that good… and it’s also not reaching as far out. I have to shoot faster than my skill allows in order to hit anything.