Need a good etymological source

I’m looking for a reputable etymology source that can be cited in a research paper. I have the etymology of the word in question (diaspora) I’m just more concerned with when the term was coined. A quick search shows the 1880s, but I want to be sure. Suggestions?

It dates to at least the first century. (John 7:35, James 1:1, 1 Peter 1:1.)

Isn’t it possible that the translation of the Bible you’re using substituted a newly coined, more specific word, for a similar word (dispersal, etc) in a previous edition?

If you happen to have institutional access to the Oxford English Dictionary online service, that is probably the best “cite-able” etymology source.

EDIT: I checked it. The earliest date it has is 1876.

Mercy buckets! I bet I do have access to the OED online through my college, I hadn’t thought of that.

Since you just now thought of the OED, I wonder what you used for your etymology source? I’d sure double check it with OED.

The word is diaspora (διασπορα) in the original Greek of the three verses cited by ragerdude. Exactly when the word entered English, I can’t say.

Sorry, but Iowa State Entomology Department doesn’t have a single listing for an insect called “diaspora.”

Oh, you meant word origins. Never mind.