need a good one liner relating to politics

My prof keeps making snide remarks about liberal economics. He “informed” the class that taxing the rich would produce little revenue relative to the deficit. He lambasted Obama for slamming the rich during the campaign. He says that Harvard is full of Marxists. He complained that Obama is not a compromiser.

So do you guys have any good factoids or one liners to put this Ronald Reagan republican in the grave with Reagan, where they both (and all republicans) belong?

He says Harvard is full of Marxists? Harvard is where they accept the really really smart people, isn’t it?

Only if they are smart enough to obey the rules of being politically correct.
If you dare to quote scientific research about certain facts–like women score worse on math tests than men–, you will get fired

Yes, Marxists who go on to work at such hot beds of socalism like:
Goldman Sachs
The Boston Consulting Group
Bain & Company
Morgan Stanley
Merrill Lynch
etc. etc…

Other factors that contributed to his resignation, according to your article:

Not that I really give a shit about Harvard, but I felt your statement was a pretty big misrepresentation of the facts (according to your article.)

As for what he actually said about women in science and math:

He sounds like an ass.

Unfortunately for you, your professor is correct. The new taxes are expected to generate $1.5 trillion in revenue, however, at the current debt level of $14 trillion, taxation alone isn’t going to solve the problem.

If it makes you feel any better, there is significant evidence that shows Republics spend more than Democrats when they are in office. They just don’t raise taxes to cover their spending, leading to massive debt increases.

If he’s an economics professor, he’s an idiot. If he’s not an economics professor, he should shut the hell up about “liberal economics”.

There is nothing you can say that will change this guy’s mind, and trying to do so will probably just earn you a lower grade. He’s an asshole who is letting his political views poison his subject matter. Ignore him.

Exactly. Be glad you aren’t a conservative because then rather than being a rare occurrence you would have to bit your tongue and write papers you disagree with in 90% of your classes.

Having one opposing viewpoint in your education won’t kill you. Suck it up. Disagreeing with him will hurt your grade and there’s no upside for you. If it makes you feel better, you can be sure that he won’t last long. Like the president of Harvard in the cite above, in academia you need to tow the Liberal party line or you won’t last long.

I agree with Debaser. Unless the Prof is one of those who likes to be challenged and won’t punish you for arguing with them, just use the class as an example of how to regurgitate and rephrase what you’ve learned in the class. It might be distasteful, but learning how to do so is a valuable skill in itself.


Professors at that level want yes-men, not debate. Maybe he’s a frustrated political hack who didn’t get a no-show job the last time his party started handing them out… but he can still fail You.

Study the material, get the grade, and when the course evaluation comes out, list it all. Remember that he is teaching you an important skill: how to get along with Asshats. It will become handy no matter what job you land after you graduate.

“Excuse me, but on the exam are we supposed to put down what we think is right, or what we think you think is right?”

“Cite?” should be a simple enough rebut.

Really? All Republicans should be killed? Classy.

That is because no one on the planet execpt Conservative Morons is talking about using tax increases to reduce the DEBT. The tax increases reduce the DEFICIT and prevent incuring more debt, while building a revenue surplus that can then be applied to paying down the DEBT.

See how it works much better now?

As for the OP, nothing you do will change the mind of someone who did not reach thier opinion through logic and reason. If he is a true believer, facts and reality will only server to make him more frightened and reactive to your detriment.

I don’t understand you. You claim that no one except conservative morons are talking about reducing the debt, then assert that the new tax revenues can be applied to pay down the debt. “Pay down” and “reduce” are synonyms. So I guess either it isn’t the case that only conservative morons are saying this, or else…

In any case, you are incorrect. The new tax revenues will not be sufficient to eliminate the current deficit (cite). and therefore cannot prevent incurring more debt. IOW, the professor in the OP is correct.


When Bill Clinton left office, the federal budget was balanced and the deficit was erased. What did that look like when George W. Bush left office?

The professor never said that the increase wouldn’t cancel the debt, but that even the projected sums would produce little revenue relative to the deficit. Deficit, not debt, and 1 trillion out of 14 isn’t trivial.

And that’s assuming the additional revenue will go toward the deficit. Do we even know this is going to happen? If Washington gets more money, I am betting they will spend it right away; I am skeptical any additional revenue will actually go towards the deficit.

“So you’re saying the tax increases didn’t go far enough and should have been higher?”

Not quite a one-liner, but how about:

– President Ronald Reagan, June 1985