Need a great cry? Come on in !!

Just saw this story on CNN. It is a great story about love and kindness.

This man was given a great gift by children who saw a chance to do something very nice. No downside. No hidden agendas. Just a great gesture by a bunch of children, and later adults, for a man who works on their behalf.

Choked me right up. Reminded me not to be so cynical, so burned out.

So, go look. Go read. Find the video story on CNN if you can.

Some stories just get ya. This one got me. What stories get you?


Ha! I ain’t cryin’ like no sissy-boy. Nope. Not me.

…goddamned allergies…

“And a San Francisco salon called Alease Venable on Thursday and offered her a free hair appointment after stylists saw her on the news…”

My, that’s ambiguous.

Why? Clearly she needs to visit a beauty parlor.

I’m not sure what matt_mcl meant, but initially, I read the sentence to mean that the name of the salon was Alease Venable.

So, this isn’t about developing your battle cry?


I was similarly moved by one man’s gift to his lifelong friend, an ardent fan of the NY Yankees, who was on verge of finally going completely blind after a lifelong battle with congenital glaucoma. While I’m right there to bash the Yankees for their runaway payroll, legions of front-running fans and hyper-patriotic posturing, I have to give them credit for sometimes displaying great generosity and class.

Not sure if this is what matt_mcl meant, but to me the way it was phrased made it seem kind of like an insult… “we saw her on the news and man, she looked horrible! Damn, we said, she needs help. Let’s give her a free appointment and try to do some damage control for the poor dear…”

I’m sure it wasn’t meant like that but it can be read that way if you’re feeling snarky.

I would have readily agreed hours ago but I’ve been weeping a vale of tears all day. :wink:

Yeah. That part smacked of a whollotta meanness thinly veiled as kindness. What- they couldn’t have their photos taken till she got a new 'do ? Unkind.

If she needed to avail herself of a hair stylist, I am sure she would have done so before the trip to The City By The Bay.

( yes, I used vale, veil and avail in the same post. What of it? :smiley: )

I suspect they saw her on the news and thought it would be a fun treat for her to get her hair done at a fancy big city salon, probably one far more expensive than she could ever afford otherwise. Kind of a mini-spa day, a female treat. I think it was really sweet to make the offer! That was a poorly written sentence in the article, IMO.

I love stories like these. It’s always good to know that there are people who do good things for other people just because they can.

Here is a news story, and video that made me cry. Such a beautiful philosophy, cut short before it could really be enacted by the young woman who wrote the words. Still, quite a legacy. I intend to favorite that YouTube video.

For the first story, I parsed the URL as “New Sob Server” before I realised it was the News Observer…

Yeah, it’s always so tricky to give someone beauty products as a gift. Like if you give someone a fabulous basket of hair care products, but they’re all for dry, damaged hair…

Thanks to the OP. I never get tired of driving over the GG (usually once or twice/week), and it’s thrilling to see how one simple wish could be filled so abundantly. :slight_smile: