Need a list: colleges/global warming:

specifically, a list of college science programs who have signed on to the anthrop…p…p…man-made theory of global warming.

I have an acquaintance who would belive me when I tell him there is a scientific consensus if I could present it in terms of college football.

If the PAC10 and the SEC and The Big 10 and the ACC ALL agree, then it’s GOTTA be true.

I wouldn’t begin to know how to google this, so thanks for pointing me to such a list if it exists.

Colleges don’t “sign on” to theories. They just report what thier research indicates. The way you’re phrasing the question doesn’t make sense.

If you ask this question: “Which major research institutions have a climatology faculty that is a majority AGW skeptics?”, I’d say likely zero.

So, 150 or so - 0. 21 touchdowns and a field goal.

No. I understand that. That’s why I couldn’t google it. I guess I should start by asking if there is consent even amongst the different science departments.

And if there are departments who signed off (argued it well), say, climatologists at USC and Ohio State Agree!

I would need some explanations to accopany numbers like 150/0.2

To reiterate Lamar’s point, neither universities nor individual science departments “sign on” in support of specific scientific theories. You wouldn’t be able to find a university Physics Department that “officially” supported the Theory of Gravity, much less anything else. Individual scientists come to their own conclusions about scientific theories, they don’t vote on it. The only “endorsement” is provided by publication in scientific journals. Your question could only be answered by looking at the publication records of scientific staff. It is, however, very likely that a large majority of climate scientists at any reputable college support anthropogenic global warming.