need a name 4 my grade

alcohol really helps. I didn’t dare to post this before:

My grade in school has a homepage where we post latest news about parties we organize, post pictures and discuss in forums.
We used to call us crazybunch , but this is 10 years ago and we’re way too old for this now. (happy, funny,crazy sounds so childish)
We need a really cool name now and the domain should be available.

please all you creative minds in here, help us!


“Old Farts”?

Okay, maybe that lacks a little something.

“Mature Farts”?

“Cool Old Farts”?

Sorry. Don’t know anything about you, how would I be able to name your clique?

@ SparrowHawk: That’s not too bad! Thanx

@ White Lightning: You don’t have to know us. The name doesn’t have to really fit. It should just be funny and somehow cool without using ‘cool’, heh.

Some more ideas?

Oh well, if it doesn’t have to fit…

Garlicy Good Zombies

Purple Licorice Whips

Puppy Dander and Cheese

Children of the Shredded Wheat Biscuits

I sincerely hope that helps.

Red Hot Nuclear Vampires

The Amazing Marching Kazoo Band

The Flat Earth Society

The Society for the Preserveration of the Knights who say “Ne”

Band names might be good…

Or maybe “Chicken of Bristol”.

Yay, some good ones among these. But don’t forget we don’t wanna make fun of ourselves. So they should be funny but still cool. Not like Rubber Chicken Gang :wink:

How about “People Who Cannot Use The English Language, So They Substitute Numbers & Symbols Inappropriately”.

This is the Straigt Dope. We don’t cotton to “Leetspeak” and its kin. :mad:

And just WHAT, may I ask, is wrong with “Happy?”

How old are you that you care about what other people think? Maybe “Crazybunch” is now retro-cool or whatever.

I say, stick with it and hope that it holds up over time, and if it doesn’t, you’ll at least have a common topic about which you can all laugh.

Bosda, I guess this is just a “preemptive strike”, since I can’t see any “leetspeak” in here.

Happy, no offense. :wink:

We’re old enough that we don’t care about what other people think.
But in this case we have to, because it’s like a brand. It’s hard to explain & understand. We organize parties and the name of the organizer should sound cool.
Anyway I guess it’s better we just forget it, because I can’t explain and I don’t want to bother Bosda anymore.

Do a search for “band name” on the boards, and you should be all set.

severin, you dared to put the number four in lieu of the word for in you title. Shame on you!

This is the Straight Dope. We don’t cotton to people getting snippy over minor infractions.

Go and l33t no more, my child.

What about “The Spot,” as in the place to be.

Alcohol must have been the cause of my misbehavior. I ask for your forgiveness.

Atomic Badger Racers.

Crazy Old Bunch (COB for short; you could use a bunch of corn on the cob as your logo!)

Don’t you mean 4giveness?

@ G-Spot: The Unit? Sounds good :wink: Kidding, that’s good, but there should be a group,bunch,grade whatever in it, since we’re not really a company, hehe.

@ Jpeg Jones: I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one thinking that this is ridiculous. And for those who don’t know yet, I hate leetspeak, too. I did it under the influence of alcohol, right after I robbed the bank and a short time before I killed my wife.

Thanks (no x!!!) for all the good suggestions. I will tell you (If you want) as soon as we have decided.