Sunday morning, about 2:30 a.m. Light drizzle, about 37 degrees. Denny’s. Six Rolling Rocks under the belt.

Nestled in between the pretentious teens and the refugees from the 1 o’clock bars, three of us are sitting at a booth, trying to think of a name for the band the other two are trying to start. Currently, Flavored Latex is the lead runner, but we’re trying to come up with something else, as the lead singer is going to be a nineteen-year-old girl. They don’t think Flavored Latex will fly with her.

I thought this thread would be a good chance to get some ideas from you guys. It’s not really a contest, since there’s no monetary prize, but I’ll show them the list. If they like one of yours enough to use it, I’ll contact you and ask your permission (assuming this doesn’t violate any laws) to use it.

They’re planning on playing a lot of covers, with a kind of funk sound; thus, Slurping Cadaver Brains or anything along metal/thrash/speed/death lines proabably won’t make it (not that it wouldn’t be welcome).

Here’s some of what our somewhat alcohol-addled brains came up with:

What the Fuck’s Your Problem?
No Refunds
Worth the Cover
Bing O. Nightly and the G-24s
Moons Over My Hammy (but feared copyright infringement)

Some needed an intro, generally along the lines of “We are…”

Screwing Your Girlfriend
Just Practicing

Also, if you know any bands that already have one of these names, let me know. They’re big on not gaffling other bands’ names.

Like I said, man, we were buzzed.

He weathered a firestorm of agony and did not break.
And while Yori raged against his unbending
courage, we took Kyuden Hiruma back.
His loss is great, but so is the gift his suffering brought.
-Yakamo’s Funeral

Captain Wrinklestick

The greater your dreams, the more terrible your nightmares.

I must admit, thinking up cool band names is an obsessive/compulsive disorder from which I suffer.

But, sorry, can’t give up my best ones. I might get back in a band someday! And I never remember to write down those truly inspired ones, which then recede back into the ether.

I’ve always thought, if you could get around the copyright issues, that ‘Ritalin’ would be a great name for a high-energy band.

If you know you’ll never make it big, though, you probably don’t have to worry about using it.

Also like ‘Love Tsunami’

Good luck. This thread should be fun.

Is this the factory where they churn out the “boy bands”. Insert 5 young male faces here, and call female attention to start the frenzy, over the talentless group.

Ala NSYNC, Backstreet, Menudo, LOF, Five… et al.

Sad that bad management and “illiteracy of the fine print” has made them all broke. Sad.

NOT HAHHAHAHAHAHA :stuck_out_tongue:

If the female is willing to take a little ribbing you could always use Knobgobbler.

The greater your dreams, the more terrible your nightmares.

I kind of like Sunshine Puppies.

But, since it is a female lead, I vote for Hermoso Castor.

Most people won’t have a clue what it means, but it is Spanish for nice beaver.

You can feel free to call me Mr. Tied for 26th place on the favorite poster’s list.

I would be willing to loan you my name… it seems to be pretty popular here.

PurpleCrackwhore and the Sno-Doze…

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

Can’t go wrong with this one.


(even on a bad night, the crowd would scream for an encore)

Now introducing:…the Finger lickins
or the Linger Fickins

The Getdown Mutterfunkers

A booze band, eh? 200 Proof is one of the best that I’ve been able to come up with.
“Escote” is Spanish for “cleavage.” Just a thought…

The IQ of a group is equal to the IQ of the dumbest member divided by the number of people in the group.

I always thought the best potential band name I ever saw was the listing of authors for a long-ago history book:

Tressler Christ

“East is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does.” – Marx

Read “Sundials” in the new issue of Aboriginal Science Fiction.

What? You mean you don’t want a name like Bloody Discharge? Damn, back to the drawing board for me…

“People must think it must be fun to be a super genuis,
But they don’t realize how hard it is
to put up with all the idiots in the world.”
– Calvin and Hobbes

how bout “Muff Driving” (man, for a woman I can be rude.)

Kitty Hauked up a Furball

Big Judy and the Avocado Freaks

The Ultimate Light Set

Chronicles of the Mind

Walking in the Nude
I know they are stupid, but I can’t believe the name of some famous bands, but they’re catchy.

BTW, we have a local band called “Head Full of Zombies”

Funk Biscuit
Under Where?
The Carpet Samples
Cecilia Adams and the Straight Dopers (heh)

Teeming Millions:
“Meat flaps, yellow!” - DrainBead, naked co-ed Twister chat
O p a l C a t

Banned in 40 States
Legally Funk
Ethyl and the Alcoholics
Delerium Tremens
Live Sex Act
Intoxication Proclamation
TAFKANOTA (The Artists Formerly Known As None Of The Above)

Hawking Up a Lung
Side Effects
The Rolling Donuts
Redheaded Stepchildren
From Hell (works best with a “we are…” intro)
Full Refund
Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
The Affordables
Left, Right, Left!
Like, Awesome, Man

I’m getting stupid now, so I’d better quit there.

…but when you get blue, and you’ve lost all your dreams, there’s nothing like a campfire and a can of beans!

Kin the Scat
Little Dew and the Dabyas
Paula Paloozer and the Gigs
Annie Wrecksia and the Blochunks
Stick That Where? (Satan’s house band)
Neurro and the Baldcats

My late best friend was partial to the band name:

** Stinky Pinky [/b}

Ribbed (first album “For Her Pleasure”)
Gelatenous Mass (has a nice Catholic ring)
Lady and the Tramps (first album “Lady ain’t nuttin’ but a Bitch”)
Cardio Funk (actual name of a local fitness center)
Foriegn Matter
Presidential Sax (first album “HarMonica Blows and Ceegar Songs” or “Inhale!” or “I Smoked, but Never In Hell”)

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik