Need a pcm player for Windows (or DOS)

In 1991 when I was still in high school, in one of my classes we had a project where three people put together a computer presentation using a program called Linkway by IBM (for those of you unfamiliar with it, I think the best description would be a primitive DOS version of PowerPoint).
Anyway, we all got to keep a copy on a disk. Somewhere along the way, something got ruined and I can’t run the Linkway program any more. The picture files were stored at TGA and I have programs I can open them with, but I can’t find anything to play the PCM files. When I look on line I get lots of links for AlsaPlayer, but I think that’s for LINUX.
If anybody knows of a program for DOS or Windows XP that plays PCM files, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

So, just to verify, nobody knows of any DOS or Windows PCM player?
What about a converter?
I said Windows XP, but I’m sure a Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, NT, 2000, or even Millennium program would work.
Surely there must be something out there. Freeware, Shareware, Demo Version, pay before you use it, anything?

Have you tried opening them in Powerpoint? Many of those MS apps know several other formats.

What type of PCM files are they? Windows PCM wave format? What’s the sampling rate? What’s the file extension? I’d like to be able to tell you something, as I work in radio and use all manner of sound reproducing software. I haven’t yet run into a sound that I was unable to play in even the most basic program. I have Adobe Audition here. It’ll play any kind of exotic format, even some that most people have never heard of. If we can’t find something for you to play the files on, you are free to send one to me as a test and I’ll see if I can open it.

Thanks, maybe I’ll send you one. It’s pretty old, but maybe you’ll have luck. The extention is simply .pcm. I’ll send you one called North.pcm. Thank you.

I don’t have Powerpoint. Although, thinking about it, maybe I could download Open Office since it’s supposed to be MS Office compatible.

fishbicycle, I just sent you a file. Thanks again.

Could you send me one? I could try Audacity on it…

It seems I’ve come up against a file of unknown type! I can’t get audio out of it with any of my programs. It’ll come up as raw PCM, but it plays as about a second of hiss. I’m sorry, but it looks like I won’t be able to help you here. If you do get it to play, I’d be interested to know what program did it!

That’s OK, thanks anway.
I’ll keep searching, and eventually come upon a program I can use. Maybe my PCM files got damaged too. I hope not.
Anyway, thanks for everybodies help. I’ll update when I’m sucessfull.

Sorry to almost ignore you.
Thanks, but I’ll try figuring it out myself for a while. I’m sure I’ll run accross something. I have a couple of wav editors, neither recognise it. Maybe I’ll download Audacity myself and give it a try, but thanks anyway.

Don’t bother downloading Audacity, I tried it, too. Nothin’!