Anybody have an RCA "LYRA" MPEG3 Player?

I just got mine,and the file management software is abear! I’m running WINDOWS ME, andI’ve had to :
-get the latest WINDOWS updates
-get a software patch from RCA
And still the control software doesn’t run properly! I’m about ready to chuck this thing!
Any EASIER MPEG3 players on the market?

I know you said MPEG3 player, but you mean MP3 player, right? I have one, a little purple thing. I didn’t install the software that comes with it, I just intalled the driver. When I plug it in, it shows up as another drive and I drag & drop the songs onto it. I have Win XP, and am not familiar with Win ME. But dragging and dropping works great. I like the player for the price.

There is an MPEG player that has a 3 inch or so screen and a 40-80 gig drive that I have seen out there recently. I would buy it if it weren’t for the price tag. I am not sure what your problem with it is but getting rid of ME will most likely fix all of your problems. :slight_smile: In the last year I have had to fix 4 friends PCs who were all running ME.

I’m running windows ME as well. My mp3player which is a JMTEK just came with the driver which I didn’t need. It’s recognized by my computer as an additional drive. I just put the files in there and thats it.

Yeah, I’ve got one. I had a lot of trouble with mine, too. I’m running XP, so I can’t help you with ME. However, you might try using Windows Media Player to load it with MP3s. That works better in most instances for me.