Hallelujah, i can see. Does anyone have an MP3 player they don't need?

Inspired by this thread, i just bought a monitor for $15 from a local college student who got a new computer and needed to unload his. Its an IBM G52, it works just fine but the screen is a little small. I remember how on the old monitor there was another board i posted on where people had avatars. One of them had what I thought was the fender of a red car in their avatar but it turns out that it was a picture of the poster in a bikini sitting in a chair. Hopefully that mistake wont happen again, and i wont need to put the brightness on 150% to play counterstrike. Don’t know if anyone cares but its a semi-free internet message board so why not post this stuff.

But i didn’t come here to tell you that. Last night my MP3 player was either destroyed or stolen, i don’t know which. There was a very severe thunderstorm and a funnel cloud in southeast bloomington, so maybe when i got out of my truck (winds were probably 50mph) it must’ve gotten blown out onto the street. This morning i saw the earphones to my MP3 player on the street broken, so I assume someone took the player and left the headphones. But i don’t know if someone got into my truck (which was locked) and stole it or if it got blown out or if I dropped it. I would assume the latter.

What sucks is that MP3 went everywhere with me. To school, to the grocery, to the library, to the restaurant. It was a part of me and now its gone forever, it wasn’t like losing a phone or VCR.

So does anyone have an MP3 player they want to sell or trade or give away that I can look at?

I have a JamP3 lying around somewhere that you can have. It only has 16 MB, which means it will only hold 30 minutes ripped at 64 kbps. The sound quality is surprisingly good considering it’s basically a kids toy. It might hold you over until you get an iPod.

Thanks, i may end up needing that. Does it have an expansion slot for a memory card?

Yeah, it will take an additional 64 MB multimedia card. Although for the price of a memeory upgrade, you can buy a
CD based MP3 player, which will hold many times more songs.

I’m not trying to talk you out of taking my JamP3, but it’s something to consider.

I have an Emerson CD MP3 player that I was selling on my eBay store for $20