Need a photo for a joke...

I’m doing a presentation on economist as a career choice, and I need a photo for a joke at the end. I want to have a dorky-looking guy with some hot babe next to him, and a speech bubble from the guy saying “Economists do it with models” (yes, it’s supposed to be groan-inducing).

Any ideas? I’m trying to find one of Allan Greenspan with his wife so I can Photoshop someone in her place, but can’t seem to find anything suitable.

Well…as someone who uses modeling and has an MS in economics, I fail to see the humor here. According to my regression model, I’m not the least bit dorky and am indeed married to a hot babe. Forget the fact that my data is biased with outliers. We need to stop all this stereotyping of economists. Before you know it, people will think we’re bigger dorks than (shudder) accountants. :eek:

See if you can find one of those “science marries beauty” adds for whatever applicances those are.

GE has a commercial for their new washer/dryer. Maybe you could pull a frame from it.

Well, there’s this picture.

There is a photo of Greenspan and Congresswoman Brown-Waite on this page: images/greenspan.jpg

It would definately need to be Photoshopped.

Hope this helps.