Need a quick Spanish to English translation

Out of the blue, I got a text message from an unknown number that says:

“me puse a ablar con las ninas y les pude sacar algo de lo q piensan ellas a ellas no les gusta q cuando les dises q las bas a llebar a un lado o aser algo q les molesta q no lo cumplas y otra de las cosas q cuando ablas con ellas ellas sienten q les estas gritando y otra q teben q tomas demasiado”

I ran it through google translator and got

“ablar I started with girls and could scar them something to q do they think they do not like when I dises q q bas a lleba to the side or something q aser q resent not comply with it and another thing q ablas with them when they feel they’re yelling and q other q q teben shots too”

So, uh, that sounds like half a really creepy message. WTF did I receive here? Thanks.

Edit: My google translation was a typo, I had “scar” instead of “sacar”, which directly translated into the English word scar, which made the thing sound very creepy. I corrected it.

Could this be Portugese rather than Spanish? Or maybe just mis-spelled, possibly due to drunkenness on the writer’s part? I suspect “aser” is actually “hacer” (to do), “dises” could be “dices” (you say) and “ablas” could be “hablas” (you say/speak/tell) and tomas could be from tomar, to drink. Also, molsesta just means bothers and gritando may mean crying rather than yelling.

Good luck.

My last Spanish class was many years ago.

Sorry to double post, but the propinquity of the words drink and *shots *makes me think this is classic drunk texting.

You got a very Mispelled Spanish message. Translation:

“I started talking to the girls and got out of them something of what they think. They don’t like it when you say that you’ll take them somewhere or to something that they don’t like. That you do not follow what you say you would do [I’m assuming not the stuff mentioned before], and other of the things that when you talk to them, they feel like you’re yelling and another thing, they see that you drink too much.”

Sounds like in a group of friends, one guy is being an obnoxious jerk and another friend asked the females in the group their opinion about him.

Huh, thanks. I guess someone was bitching at their friend and texted to the wrong number. The original google translation (with my typo) was much cooler, it made it sound like a crazy serial killer was confessing to a randomly dialed number or something.

By the way, I apologize for the typos and mispellings in my own translation. They are, albeit minor, product of my mind at 5am, still waking up.


No serial killer, just general jerkiness. I do hope the writer realized the phone number error and resent it to the right person. It could be a nice wake up call (heh).

“q” is txt spk for “que”, so it could mean “that”, “which”, or “what”. “ablar” is “hablar”- to speak.

Not that I’m disagreeing with the translation given. I’m just clarifying some things.

KGs translation is pretty much spot on the spanish is not only txt spk but badly butchered and devoid of any punctuation sound more like a family argument than random dude jerkishness though i am getting avibe of exwife talking to exhusband about what their daughters think of him

Hmm… Sapo, that could be it… Y’know, I was just going through my mental “obviously guys are the worst at txt spelling”, so it didn’t occur to me the writer could be female. :wink:

I hate to play the stereotypes here, but if someone yells, drinks and doesn’t keep a word, well, I am betting on male and taking your money.

Yip. And in my experience with native Spanish speakers, tons of words will be misspelled, not because they don’t know how to spell them, but because it’s somehow cooler to spell them that way. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen “Que honda” spelled “ke onda”, for example.

I think it might be adding a level of exclusivity, as the people I’ve seen doing this speak well enough in English. Typing this way keeps people who only know basic Spanish (or who use online translators) from knowing what they mean. It’s just like using text speak in situations where it is completely unnecessary.

Oh, I’m with you in that part. You mentioned it could be an ex-wife texting an ex-husband. Because of the misspellings in the message, I just thought it was a guy typing, as women have better skills. :wink:

I thought text messages could only be 160 characters long. That one is almost 300 characters long.