Need a recomendation for a good AVI editor

Can some please recommend to me a good AVI editor? All I really need to do is to be able to cut AVIs into smaller pieces, and perhaps convert the compression level.

A free editor would be the best, but if there is a REALLY good one for sale I would consider it.

One more thing, it needs to be able to work with the DIVX format.*

*Note to the mods, although DIVX is used for illegal movies, I am using it for film that I own the copyright for, this has nothing to do with any illegal activities

VirtualDub will probably do what you want. It’s free and works with DivX.

Don’t know about DIVX but Virtual Dub is a pretty good freeby for Windows. Linux has several but I haven’t gotten around to them yet.

I don’t know if you had to put that disclaimer about DivX. I use it all the time, for my own movies for my website. It’s a very good compressor, and used on the 'net for a heck of a lot more than just illegal ripping.

VirtualDub is a very good tool. You might also want to look at MovieXone which is also free.