Need a reference reference.

The words ending in -a had me thinking, are there any good resources out there (preferably free on the 'Net ;)) that allows you to look up words with parameters such
-as how long the word is;
-must include x y z letters;
-letters must appear first, last, in this order;

Satan mentioned his now infamous Scrabble CDRom. But that limits you to words 3-15 letters long. I want to know it all.


Yes. It’s called a crossword dictionary. Though I don’t know of any on-line versions.

Sue from El Paso

Try Onelook - you can use variables and it searches a number of on-line reference sites.

Go talk to Satan, and ask him what he used to generate that big ol’ list of words beginning and ending in the same letter. I hear he’s giving out 50% discounts, and will do it for only half of your soul.

NOT that I have anything against Satan, but trying to get a bargain from the Prince of Darkness seems likely to explode in ones face. :wink: