Need a solid Android podcast player.

Need a solid Android podcast player.


I’m game to dive in- friends go on about Podcasts that interest me.

I need a decent interface.

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My favorites are Pocket Casts and Podcast Addict. I use Podcast Addict exclusively because it’s the only one that allows you to make custom podcasts from downloaded audio.

I’ve tried several, and finally decided on AntennaPod as my current favorite. I’m a very basic user without complicated needs. Many podcast apps have far more features than I will ever use cluttering up the interface. AntennaPod is easily configurable to my pretty basic needs, and seems reasonably intuitive.

On any player, once you start subscribing to podcasts, you can export your podcast subscriptions to a “opml” file so that if you switch over to a new player, you can easily import all your subscriptions, which will save you time.


Moving to IMHO.

Seconding Podcast Addict. It has a few features I don’t like, but when I tried a few others, I liked them even less (ads, etc.).

Love pocket casts, been using it for… Sheesh close to a decade.

I’m very happy with RSSRadio.

Do you want something simple, or something very powerful? There is usually a trade-off. I use Pocket Casts but that’s more in the “powerful” end of the spectrum. Google Podcasts looks like a good option for a simple podcast player, but I haven’t tried it myself.

Same for me. I only listen to a few podcasts and it works well-enough.

I used to use Podcast Addict; but now I just use Google Podcasts. It does everything I need/want with less clutter.

I use Podcast Republic, mostly because it’s free to use. Once I decided I liked it, I payed the few dollars to get it ad free. It has lots of different features, and because of that can be a bit complicated.

The two important features that initially drew me to it (other than free to try) were: builtin sound amplification, which is necessary for some of my bluetooth devices; and per podcast playback speed, so I can play some at high speed, and others at regular speed, without having to change any global settings.

Came in to recommend the same.

When I switched from iOS to Android a while back, I downloaded a bunch of podcast players to find one I liked best. I had a few requirements, and only Podcast Republic met them all. One was to be able to playback at > 1.0 speed, and being able to customize per podcast is great. Good playlist management was another. But being able to customize the forward and backward skip buttons (I use 30 s / 10 s, but the key is that they aren’t the same!) sealed the deal. Never had a problem with it.

These customizable features (playback speeds, length of ff/rewind) are pretty standard nowadays (though not always globally). I would like to try the one with built-in sound amplification, though.

Skipping dead space playback is kind of nice, but I find that it can be a little choppy.

You’d hope that, but out of ten or so players I downloaded (basically the top ten free in playstore), it was the only one that checked all my boxes. This was approximately 18 mo ago, so if everyone else raised their game in that time, good on them.

The killer feature of Pocket Casts, in my book, is that it automatically syncs your playlists and your listening status for various Podcasts. You can start a podcast on your phone and resume it from their web player easily, or use the web player to discover new things to send to your phone.

It also allows a lot of granular control for predownloading, which is great if you are trying to save data usage.