Need Advice: Windows XP Media Center vs Media Portal

My wife just ordered a new computer with XP Media Center Edition. I’m thinking, well, that could come in handy, but I’d really prefer a professional OS on the thing.

The question (well, questions): Would installing Media Portal over XP Professional give me the same capabilities as Media Center Edition? Or should I put two OSs on the thing, a pro one for general use, and Media Center when someone wants to do the TV stuff? Or is there yet a better way?

I don’t know for sure, but;
I thought this is where Vista steps in, no?

Q; What can’t you do with Media Center that you would like to do?

I don’t really know what Vista will have.

My problem is that I don’t really want to be using a consumer OS. I have access to the professional OSs, which are considerably better than the consumer offerings in all respects.

Windows Vista product editions with several charts breaking it down by features and estimated price:

If you’re purchasing the PC from a major retailer, they should give you a coupon to upgrade to Vista for a lot less than buying it retail.

Media Center is included in Home Premium and Ultimate editions.