Need advise on what to expect on looking for a new air conditionin unit. Need answer fast.

I just recently got a house and we already knew it was going to be a fixer upper, the good news was that the air conditioning unit was still working properly so me and my family concentrated and solved the plumbing and appliances issues.

Now suddenly the air conditioning unit blew its compressor and all the freon was lost, I thought that we were prepared but my elderly father’s alcohol problem turned up to 11 and there is little money left (even my mother agrees we will have to commit him if he does not shape up now), luckily there are financing options available but with elderly parents to take care, this issue can not be left for later as this is Arizona heath blast weather we are dealing with.

So, I did check prices and the same company that looked at the unit early has a reasonable price for a new unit, (still in the $6000 range, but this includes installation of a roof unit and financing) they will come later today to negotiate financing, so what should I be on the look out to ensure that I get a good deal on such a short notice?

Recommendations from local dopers regarding local companies and how to look for local low income help for air conditioning costs would be welcomed.

A unit for $6000 sounds like a lot. A while back I was looking at new units for my house (maybe 2.5 tons?) and I thought the estimates were in the $3-4000 range. Ultimately, I didn’t get a new system and just had the broken part fixed.

Why are you getting a whole new system for just a blown compressor? If money is an issue, check craigslist for used compressors. I remember seeing them for around $400.

Well, 3 reasons, it is a very old unit so replacement parts are more expensive or harder to find, also the heather section of it was already dead, and then new units are more efficient and use less energy.

The price BTW includes installation, crane personnel, and disposal of the old unit.

Thanks to the advise of my boss I had 3 companies doing the quotes and got it down to the 5000 range, thanks to financing I also got a good deal in the interest rate. They will do the work in a few days, in the meantime the parents are using a temporary air conditioning unit.

With all the foreclosures maybe you can find a used one or a refurbished. I just went through this with my A/C guys whose employees “freelance” and I’m going with them to fix the other one.