Need altertnative highspeed internet and pricing.

Forget cable and DSL - I can’t get them.

I need to know what else might be out there, and if you are using them the pricing (both initial set up and monthly), and reliability.

I want to consider all possibilities including multi-link & multi-ppp (multiple phone lines), ISDN, Satellite, sharing a WIFI w/ neighbors, cellular, any other?

OK when I say all possibilities, I don’t mean the really expensive ones like T1’s, lets set a $ amount of $150/month.

btw internet over power lines are not offered here either so you can leave them out.


I’m confused about this statement; is DSL (or similar) available in your area, just not to you personally? (it makes a difference to the sort of answers you might get).

DSL and Cable is not available in my area. The reason I included WiFi is I have read about long range directional WiFi, as well as neighbors sharing a connection if one already is paying for an alternative option and splitting the costs.

Also if I go the cellular route I need a PC card, but would really want it on my desktop, is there a way to use a PC card on a desktop, perhaps a eithernet, USB2 or PCI adapter? Eithernet or USB2 perfered since I can position the card to get the best signal.

Well, you might look into DirecWay the satelite internet service offered by DirecTV. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, and the initial equipment is pretty expensive…around $600 I think. But the monthly cost is $60 a month which is inside your price range.

You discount T1s in your OP, but using WiFi to share a T1 with several neighbors could bring the price down below $150/month.

Obviously there are a lot of “ifs” in this scenario so it might not be viable for you, but it’s an idea.

True, but I could do the same w/ other services as well, such as Direcway as well and split a smaller cost. I have also found a fixed wireless provider in my area, well I am at the absolute fringe of his coverage area and a hill might make it a moot point, but monthly cost is about the same as Direcway and a $200 initial cost as opposed to $600. I’m still looking however.