Need an index for your book?

I’m a professional indexer, and have been creating back-of-the-book indexes for over 10 years.

Many presses, particularly academic presses, require their authors to index their own books, or find a freelance indexer. If you’re in that situation, I can help! My specialty is computer textbooks and training materials, but I’ve indexed everything from travel guides to board game manuals.

I am good at turning around tight deadlines, and my rates are competitive. (My usual rates are between $3.00-5.00 per page, depending on complexity and density of the material. SDMB members will get a 15% discount off whatever rate I would normally charge.)

My website is at and has a more complete resume. I can also send sample indexes on request.

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This is actually rather neat. I had never thought about who indexes the back of books; thanks!

Noted. :slight_smile:



Good to know - and good luck!