Need anal information quiiick!!

Hello, I was just wondering if you could lead me in the right direction when it comes to looking up stats on Latin heterosexual anal sex. Its my last year at Hopkins, I have a huge presentation on this subject and can barely find any anal information! You seem to be very informed on the subject, I read your what are the risks of heterosexual anal sex article and that is exactly the stuff I’m looking for but with more details! So if you could help me out with references I would be forever grateful! Take care, hope to hear from you soon!

Here is the column in question:

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Unless by Hopkins you mean the Hopkins Elementary School in Somerset, KY, you should know by know about such things as the Citation Index. The original column gave a large number of references. You go the the library, plug those in, and see who has cited them. Voilà, more information.

See the Halperin reference for the best information on your subject.

Do you mean Ricky Ricardo Latin or Marcus Aurelius Latin?


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Try it and see. (Use lube or butter)

I come to bugger Ceasar, not to praise him.

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In England "Going Rogue’ means anal sex without protection. is that helpful?

I bet Sarah Palin’s book is flying off the shelves across the pond then.

Actual semiquote from NPR’s Morning Edition in a story about AIDS among Hispanic migrant workers (it’s been 20-some years, but I’m good at remembering quotes):

Reporter: (Some doubts about homosexuality among hetero migrant workers)

Interviewee: Well, do you know the difference between a straight Mexican and a gay Mexican?

Reporter: No, I don’t.

Interviewee: Three beers.

I about swallowed my teeth.