Need Anime recommendations

I used to be pretty into Anime back in the day and I’ve sorta fallen out of it…but I kinda miss it. One of the things I miss most about it too is the action packed crazyness that is anime. Mostly kickass gunfights. Can anyone suggest a good movie or series that I could look into that has kickass gunfights? Something along the action lines of Kite, which I own and like. I’ve seen an episode or two of Gunsmith Cats, which was fun because they had guns and a mustang, but is there anything else that involves some cool gunfights or gun play?

When in doubt, I go with aromatic

Trigun and Hellsing come to mind.

Tryptamines can be interesting.

With the organic chemistry wisecracks already covered (shakes fist), I will second the recommendation for TriGun. Crazy, kickass gunfights are foundational to the show, and it does them as well as I’ve ever seen them done.

Black Lagoon. Crazy gunfights, crazy characters, but pretty dark as well.

Only read the manga for Black Lagoon, but if the anime is anything similar, it will have lots of crazy gun action.

Gunslinger Girl.

Trigun is definetly one the best animes involving the use of guns.

If you want sci-fi with guns, try Cowboy Bebop or Outlaw Star.

One I never seen but it does have guns is Black Cat.

Well, Gunsmith Cats does sound like something you want to see more of…

There are always the three Bee Train “Girls with Guns” tv series. Noir is probably where people usually start; I don’t think the gunplay is that flashy, but there’s a lot of it. Good music, I think. I keep putting off watching *Madlax *and El Cazador, by the same studio, but if they’re much like Noir, they’re probably OK.

And if you want a different sort of crazy action, there’s some pretty trippy stuff with imaginary aircraft in* Last Exile.* But I can’t say that’s* all* action.

Bit of a warning about this one.

There are some potentially uncomfortable themes inherent in the premise - brainwashed young girls used for combat, paired with adult male handlers… It’s generally regarded as handling those themes well (though your mileage, as ever, may vary), but…you should be warned going in that they’re there, and not simply ignored.


Seven years in the making, with 100,000 hand-made drawings. It’s the best action I’ve ever seen in an anime, and some of the best action I’ve seen in any movie.

I’ve been watching Moretsu Pirates (aka "Bodacious Space Pirates) – an anime that’s still airing after 23 episodes. It’s full of space pirate action, and very well made.

Simply by that description I want to see it. So I might put that on my list. I’ve heard of Gunslinger Girls but I never really knew much about it. Sounds like something I’d want though. The theme is ok with me, I got through Kite after all.

I also realize just now that the title says “Amine” instead of “Anime”…oops.

Another vote for Trigun! YES. And Bebop.

Depending how much you like the X-Files + Magic genre, you might want to check out Witch Hunter Robin. Set in present-day, more or less.

Most of the “good” guys use guns which have been enhanced to deal with magical entities. Several episodes are a bit Witch-of-the-Week-ey, but once you start to get into what is really going on behind the scenes, it’s pretty scary, ethically.

It is rather dark, very little to no humor, but I still really enjoyed it. I think it’s available as a box set, which is WAY cheaper than how I bought it (a DVD at a time :rolleyes:).

Happy hunting!

I fixed it- a little regretfully.

Oh–mage-girl indirectly reminded me of another possibility: Outlaw Star. It has a lot of emphasis on ship battles, but the hero also packs a pretty crazy gun. The fights where he uses it can be…interesting. Ammo for the caster pistol can cause a huge variety of magical effects, and he doesn’t necessarily know what many of the shells will do.

Another for Black Lagoon. It’s my go-to for awesome anime gun-battles. In fact, I’m gonna watch some now.

Also check out Noir for awesome female assassins, from what I’ve seen of the first few episodes.

Yeah, I said the gunplay wasn’t very flashy (well, for anime). Doesn’t mean it isn’t superhumanly competent. One of the most memorable scenes is an improvised weapon midway through the series.

Uh oh…Noir is moving up the list now

It is the name of an ancient fate:
Two maidens who govern death.
The piece of the newly born
their black hands protect.

Yeah, you might like Noir. It’s pretty dark stuff, not everyone’s cup of tea gone cold by the target’s corpse.

But if you have a high tolerance for melancholy assassins in exotic locations, occasionally facing somewhat nuttier other assassins; and you like conspiracies and/or Luc Besson movies; you might get into it.

My one pet peeve is that the Texans who did the English-language dub consistently mispronounce the p.o.v. character’s name, which means if you watch the sub just be glad I’m not there with you griping at them. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’ll shut up about Noir now.)