Need another name for "mommy"!

Lesbian friends of mine are having a kid. They need another way to say “mommy” or “mom” that easy for a baby to say but different enough so they won’t get confused. Any suggestions?

how about mummy?

maman! madre!

Mommy and Ma?

Matushka… its Russian.

tres kool!


Only a poor little rich boy would say that.


"The one with the boobies."

What? :confused:


Slinks out of thread.

Please, let’s not drag Richie Rich into this. He’s suffered enough already.


I second “Mama.”

It’s what I call my mother :slight_smile:


How have the kid call one of them Mama and the other Mia.


One could make one of them rather English:

The Old Dear

English: Mother

Arabic: Um

Spanish: Madre

French: Mere

German: Mutter

Italian: Base

Portugese: Matriz or Mae

or a family favorite: Bunny (grandmother is BamBunny)

The Finnish word äiti (pronounce it similar to the number eighty) is easy to say for a baby and it is very different to Mummy, Mom or Mater.

My mates kids call them “mamma lisa” and “mamma karen”, almost as one word, mammalisa. Works fine and no confusion abounds.

The suggestions are good, but people should have more faith in the kid.
There are countless gay parenting books out there with stories about kids having a “Mom” and a “Mommy”, and correcting people on who is who!

Well-meaning acquaintance: Did you and Mommy go to the zoo today?

Adorable child: No, I went to the zoo with Mom. Mommy had to stay home, because she has a cold!