NEED ASNWER QUICK--Heating/AC estimate--is this reasonable?

Before signing a bid, I would get at least one if not two more bids.

I’d call them, and ask them to do just the warrenty work, no cleaning. If the base pan is full of mud, that seems an easy way to reduce any bills. Go clean out your own mud. It seems like they are trying to hide free warrenty work inside of other billable activities, either to make money, or to keep you from having the warrenty work done. Time to decouple them.

In those situations, there are always 2 warranties. There is money to be made here, even without the cleaning of the mud.

In other words, no part of this work scope will be unprofitable. The parts are under warranty, their labor is not, so the meter will be running on the labor.

But I agree, if the homeowner is willing, a decent part of the overall work scope is DIYable, and he might consider having them do just the technical stuff.

Um, I don’t resent it–neither do I understand it.:confused:

What does my local electric power company have to do with my home heat pump?


I am useless with tools, & don’t really own any. Except a small repair kit.

No power tools.

Not even a brace & bit.

I was injured in childhood, & I have reduced manual dexterity.
I know my limits.