NEED ASNWER QUICK--Heating/AC estimate--is this reasonable?

I just got hit with a BIG repair estimate for my condo.

Any advice?
Need answer fast

Those would be pretty reasonable prices around here.

I was afraid of that.

More input?

Seems in line with what I would expect

Any good ways to bargain it down?

Any more folks?

Option 1 says the unit is under warranty, but they want to charge you a lot for just a cleaning. Get some details about that. What is the warranty covering? Part, labor, both?

They mention financing, so I assume that’s something they provide. Have you asked about that? They seem to be making good recommendations for things you need fixed.

Can you afford a service contract? It seems you need to. Negotiate on the basis of a service contract. They’ll insist on getting paid to bring the unit up to a normal serviceable state, however they may be flexible on that and work out a reasonable price for both.

It appears to me that of the 4 options you’re presented, option 1 addresses the immediate need for repair, while options 2-4 are longer term repairs that address the unit’s longevity and comfort. (and possibly the structure)

Options 2-4 are 2000 and my question would be; whats the cost for a new PTAC? How old is the existing PTAC? At a certain point, it's silly to sink large into an old unit, if the repair cost begins to approach the cost of a new unit.

All the prices seem to be reasonable.

While the prices seem reasonable, we can’t tell if the proposed work scope is reasonable. IOW, how necessary is it?

Option 3 is the only one that seems a little [internet] hinky.

Unit is less than 3 years old.

I have real problems & energy cost are no good.

Mice & bugs are entering the condo through here.

Well, how well/badly is it working now (pre-repair)?

Option 4 mentions a big damned hole in the wall. Can you see if there is one? Can you plug it yourself if you do not choose Option 4?

We just overpaid for having our condo HVAC repaired. Quite a lot of work was done, but I am certain we paid too much, even for the inflated standard of living here. It was substantially more than all four of your quotes combined.

A properly installed PTAC has zero clearance between the sleeve and the exterior wall it’s installed in. it should be sealed and caulked. I don’t know handy you are, but the PTAC is built on a chassis, and sits in the sleeve. It’s held in the sleeve with a couple screws, and can be slid out.

At the point, you can inspect the sleeve, inspect it’s pitch, and see if there is any openings that need to be sealed.

If it’s 3 years old and it has this many problems, I gotta wonder about the people who put it in. How long is their labor warranty? Our standard labor warranty is 3 years, and longer ones are common.

Can you go back to the original installer?

Did they really send it to you in all caps?


The last PTAC I bought (an Amana) was around $700 wholesale.

I know it’s only 3 years old, but part of my decision would include investigating the cost of a clean-slate new unit, for comparison purposes.

Drywalling needed to repair the hole, so D-I-Y is out.

The unit runs, but stops running in very cold weather.
Energy is 150% - 200% about what should be needed.

I’m not lettimg ther original installer anywhere near this condo again unless he gets a court order!!

He’s a fumbling, idiotic boob, who was a pal of my late Father. Dad owned this condo, & I rented it from him. Dad paid this rube to put it in.


This would increase the size of my bill, without solving my problem.


I’m an ass (and some people call me a thread sh—er and curse at my posts for no reason). That said, where you live, can’t your utility submit to you a free quote? Can’t you ask them?

It might be more than whats quoted (and sometimes less) but usually it can be tacked onto your bill (and sometimes spread out several months at 0%). Yes, they may try to sell you an insurance contract afterwards for $7-$8 a month … and if you had had it, this would all have been free.

Fine, I’m still an ass. But its a free quote. You don’t even ever have to admit that you ever read my advice, let alone took it.

Any friends that do this kind of work, or even general contracting type work? I always try to trade services like this with friends. They do the Furnace/AC work for me, I either pay them their cost, or trade goods/services that I can do.

A buddy just installed a suspended ceiling as part of finishing our basement and I provided grunt work for his patio project.

Actually, if you search, “drywall repair” you’ll find a bunch of instructional videos and step by step tutorials. It’s really simple. I am not a great handyman, but I’ve done drywall work. If you take your time, results will be acceptable at worst.