Need blueprint for 1911 frame

I’m looking for a blueprint for a 1911 pistol frame. I got a little boastful when talking about my skills with a Dremel tool with a friend, and now I’ve got to sculpt a frame from a solid block of steel to win a bet. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. The only tools I’m allowed to use are a Dremel (with any attachments I want) and a drill.


ETA: Try this if the above doesn’t work.

I checked those out, and they might work, but not all of the frame dimensions are legible.

This may be viewed as gunsmithing or manufacturing --> requiring a Type 1 or Type 7 Federal Firearms License, respectively. Even if you don’t plan to make a working model.

How do you figure? Gunsmithing is designing and making a small firearm. Gabe is doing neither one. He’s sculpting. Right Gabe???

You don’t need a license as long as you tie the barrel into a knot.

Sculpture would be my interpretation as well. Nobody said anything about triggers, firing pins or any other “vital” parts of a weapon.

Now, if CynicalGabe’s friend wants to try attatching gun parts to the metal sculpture to satisfy any curiosity that they may have about whether or not gun parts would fit into that sculpture, **that ** could be considered as gunsmithing, so it would fall on the friend to have the appropriate license.

The frame is the firearm. You can buy all the other parts through the mail. But the frame needs to be purchased from a dealer because it is considered the firearm. Build a frame or lower receiver (or upper receiver, depending on the brand) and you’ve just created a firearm. It doesn’t matter if it’s NEVER been fully assymbled. If it’s a true frame, made of steel, and capable of being assymbled, then it’s a firearm. Period.

The trigger, the barrel, the springs… they’re all “parts” and you can get them anywhere and even make your own if you want. The frame is a different story.

The only “vital” part of a semi-auto firearm is the receiver. In this case, the “frame”. Forge one from a block of steel and you’ve just manufactured a firearm.