Need cat advice pretty quick

Short version:

Have been gone from home for the past three days. When we returned last night, everything seemed ok.

Fast forward to 5 minutes ago: We have two cats who aren’t on great terms - a really dumb lazy fluffy cat and a rather playfully-aggressive younger cat who likes to chase him around for kicks because he makes fun noises.

The young cat was on one of her tears earlier, chasing everything in the house for a few minutes. Now the fluffy one is in a back room wailing away and curled up on himself, and I can’t get any indications from him or the surroundings whether he’s just butthurt because the young cat chased him again, or if he’s actually hurting.

Any advice before I go dump a few benjamins on our vet that I really can’t afford?

I see no blood, and no vomit/poop/stains/other on the carpet anywhere in the house. They have clean food, water, and fresh litter, and the young cat isn’t stalking him now - she’s in another room.

Nevermind… false alarm

Giant cat poo ensued in litterbox, cat is now happy cat again.
(First cat constipation thread? Oi, cats.)

If you see no signs of injury - check him out by running your hands over him to see if there are any wounds - I wouldn’t stress him out further with a vet visit. Do make sure he’s eating/drinking/eliminating.

My dumb, lazy, fluffy one pulled this on us once…when we cleaned the litterbox, we found giant cat poo entwined with a twist tie from the bread.:eek:

I can’t tell you how serious this is - your kitty may be fine, but the wire in the tie might very well cut him all the way down his gut - you must continue to watch him for potential symptoms which could be any unusual behavior. I’ve had cats all my life and I’m telling you that if you care about this animal, you must protect him from eating foreign substances. I had a darling cat who chewed on the rubber nipple of a baby bottle - ingested very little, but obstructed her bowel which killed her within hours. Eating wire, even coated wire, could not be more potentially dangerous. Please watch him carefully. And now that you know he eats bad stuff, do the best you can to secure his environment.