Need catchy wording for housewarming invite

So two years ago, I took the plunge as a homeowner and bought my first house (at 43 years of age). It was a very scary time, but fun, and I had the support of lots of friends who listened to me stress out throughout the process and even helped me move. Now (yes, I know it’s a bit late), I’d like to throw a housewarming party–a kind of “thanks for putting up with me and come see my new home!” party. (It will also be a combination of Hallboy’s graduation party, so his friends will be there as well.)

The past two years, Hallboy and I have painted and redecorated rooms, redesigned the gardens, and done a billion and one repair/remodeling projects and I don’t have the energy left to create one housewarming party invitation.

Can someone please help? I need something catchy to invite the friends who have been so supportive…and now my brain is fried. Suggestions any one?

Dear friends,

In honor of your support over the years, I’d like to recognize you with a belated housewarming party. Come gaze at what has been accomplished in two short years and what’s yet to come while you drink my wine and eat my cheese. No gifts please, just you!


Oh, I like that! Simple, direct and very easy! (But no wine–I don’t serve alcohol to myself or guests, but I can tweak it!)

Come see proof that I’m not homeless! This is bound to settle some bets!


The only presents required is your presence! (I think it’s catchier)

I think what you’ve just written is a brilliant party invitation, that needs only the merest of tweaking.

You don’t need to call it a housewarming, and that should preclude the presupposed obligation to bring a gift. Just invite people over for a party. And offer to give them tours of what you’ve done. Otherwise, just hang out and have fun.

That’s how we did it.