need combat veteran help (fast)

Is there a phone number where a combat vet can call and talk to another combat vet for support? I’ve been searching the web to no avail, but it just seems there has to be such a thing. I am trying to care for a combat vet who is having a rough episode (at this moment) so would like a 24/7 line if there is one. I have lots of information on how to handle, but my vet needs to talk to another one. Thank you for any help.

1-877-VET2VET (838-2838)
There is also The Wounded Warriors Project, which has signs up around my school. They service soldiers who have been injured either physically or emotionally/mentally. But it looks like it takes some time to get set up with them, so I’d call the first guys I linked to first. Wounded Warriors may be able to help more long term.


You’re welcome. When it feels appropriate, tell him some random chick on the internet said “thanks” for all he’s done, and I hope he gets through this.

“He’s” my wife, but I’ll tell her. :wink:

:smack: My apologies for my stupidly outdated gender assumptions. Seriously, that was all kinds of dumb.

Hope she’s feeling better.

Likewise. Many thanks to your wife for her service, and I hope she’s able to get through this and enjoy better days ahead.