Need D&D rules for modern weapons

I am running a 2nd edition D&D campaign where I propose to send the characters to an alternate version of modern LA. Do any of you gamers know of a (preferably free) system for converting modern firearms into the D&D game? Thanks for the assistance.

I found that 2.0 and 3.0 were mostly back-and-forth compatible, so if you picked up a copy of D20 Modern, that should get you in the right ballpark. For instance, here’s a link to the d20 Modern SRD.

I would also suggest d20 Modern, although some of the rules for automatic weapons are covered by feats, which don’t exist in 2E.

Ethilrist & Hogarth: Thanks for the recommendation. It looks pretty useful.

D20, IMHO, is not a good system for modern weapons. The rounds are too long - six seconds may not be that much in a sword fight, but it’s enough to empty a magazine in a gunfight. You need a system with 1 second combat rounds, like GURPS.

Six seconds? Pshaw. The original poster is playing 2E D&D, so 1 round is actually a full minute long!