Need expert advice on trucks/campers

We need someone who has knowledge of trucks, especially campers.
to look over some trucks/campers we are interested in and give us some
knowledgeable advice, please.

Please let me know if this is the wrong forum, thanks.

We need a little more information. Are you referring to slide-in truck campers (which fit in the bed)? Or towing a camper behind the truck?

Note there was a recent-ish thread about various RV options:


We’re asking about truck campers, not travel trailers.

Not anything close to an ‘Expert’ but there is a pretty wide range of stuff out there. Lance is huge, kinda the WalMart of campers. Decent from what I know of. There are specialty builders that make stuff for cold camping, out in the wilds of the northern tundra (don’t eat the yellow snow), like Arctic Fox and others, but I got no first-hand knowledge of them.

Wadda you wanna know?

Ah. One other thing.

Getting to the spare tire of the truck may be tricky with campers that extend over the back of the truck, but with a little ingenuity, you can fab up a wonderful spare carrier that hangs on the side of the truck (bolted to the frame and thru the outside of the bed) and doesn’t extend beyond the width of the camper.

Pics if you want. One of the few things I’m actually very proud of.