Need Facebook Page for my Business venture

I have a new business venture starting up and need a specific Facebook-page model to help me.
Basically i will be traveling around the Midwest renting various VFW halls and Hotel conference centers.

I will hand out business cards with transactions inviting people to like my Facebook page to see where i am going next.

I need a Facebook page where i can keep a touring schedule basically.

So make one? Not sure what you’re asking.

I have other Facebook pages but dpn’t have any one that will allow me to make a touring schedule. Is it a sort of third party plug in for Facebook?

You can display it as a stickied post, a Note, or a series of Events that you can then invite people to.

There are also third-party “apps” that do similar things:

But keep in mind that certain Facebook users (people using FBPurity, for example) may not see posts and updates made by these “apps”. It’s sort of a side effect of all the games-related spam, so now some users will altogether block updates coming from third-party apps.

You could do both: use Events and native invites and list them all on an app like that.

For business Facebook pages Zuckerberg insists you pay him or 94 percent of your potential customers will never see your pages.

Save your money and buy a domain name, get a web host and drive customers to your own web site.

There’s really no reason you shouldn’t do both, along with a mailing list to boot, and maybe Twitter and Google+ as well. There are even tools that will let you post to all of those places simultaneously. 6% of your Facebook fans might be more than the number who would manually check your webpage for updates.