Need folks with phones that can read QR codes for a test...

I hope it’s the right forum…

I’d test these myself, but my phone can’t read these. I go to plenty of exhibitions where I show my Lego models, and sometimes I don’t have time to demonstrate them all. I’d like to print these on cards and put them next to the models so people can look up their movies.
The links embedded in the images are SFW, they lead to Youtube movies with technic lego vehicles.

If it works (or if it doesn’t) can you share what kind of phone you have, or if there’s anything I should’ve done differentily? Thanks in advance.

works for me, using “Barcode Scanner” on a Droid Incredible.

iPhone 4, latest updates, not jailbroken, using:

  • AT&T Code Scanner = yes
  • QR Scanner = yes
  • Microsoft Tag Reader = no. I even printed out the Ice Nine tag and it wouldn’t scan, just stayed on “Scanning - Center Tag in the viewfinder.”

Thanks! (FH; You even printed it out? That’s dedication!)

The main difference between the two links is that one of them links to youtube’s mobile site ( and the other one just links to a regular youtube adress. Any preference on either, or does youtube redirect to the mobile site anyway?

I usually prefer ones that open directly into the YouTube app, which I assume is the mobile site version (the Ice Nine one in this case), mostly just because Safari pops up a “oh you should really get the mobile app” notification even though I already have it, and my first thought is that something’s broken. :smack:

Works with “Barcode Scanner” on a Motorola phone running Android 1.5.

I don’t think you’re going to have much problem with anything reading QR codes. At least, I had to do a project involving bar code scanning on phones, and QR codes are just gold. Even a crappy camera reads them fine.

PDF 417, on the other hand…

it’s probably phone-dependent, with the first one ( it opens in the browser, the second one gives me a pop-up asking if I want to open it using Internet or the Youtube app (with the option to set one as default.)

either one works fine by me.

Actually, the Ice Nine on is the one with the regular URL. I suppose the app simply looks for the appropriate URLs.

Thanks, everyone!

Both work with NeoReader on iPhone 3GS.

Works with both Shop Savvy (believe it or not) and Google Goggles on my Droid X.

It works with both Google Goggles and Barcode Scanner on my T-Mobile G2.

Both work with Barcode Scanner on my Droid X, but the non-mobile one (ice nine) is preferred because it can be opened with the native Android YouTube app. The mobile one opens in a browser window.

Samsung Omnia i910 here. I had never explored QR codes before.

After downloading BeeTagg, It seems to work fine.

Works with Google Goggles on my HTC Desire running Android 2.2. The first one, the mobile address, loads in the browser but it works just fine; the second one gives the option of loading it in the browser or the dedicated YouTube app.