Need help finding switches/buttons like these:

In the above link, is an exact example of what I am looking for, however I would be okay with it saying things along the lines of: Eject Passenger, Machine gun, Flamethrower, and anything else along those lines.

by the way I found this site after google brought me to the following thread:

Thesedon’t mount with a glue pad.

That is correct however I am looking for the flip a switch/toggle/stick and not one that requires wiring. Those come with the ability to be wired in and need you to make a hole for them. In addition they are not the same look.

Thanks for trying, but I already came across those, and every other type of wired switch available on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and various auto part stores. What I am looking for is as close to exact as the one in the video in my original post. They need to be able to be stuck on or attached by velcro. No holes, wiring, permanent fixtures, or that require me to modify my vehicle in any permanent way. I don’t want them to work, hence the novelty non permanent aspect. I don’t want it to light up either, I like switches. like airplane switches, James Bond switches, Missile locking switches.