Need help for ideas for an Indiana Jones-esque party (music and food)

My SO and I have been hosting a board game night pretty much once a month with friends. While it’s been fun, some of the bigger games I’ve got have gone ignored for the more party style games (Cards Against Humanity-NSFW, Mexican Train, Kill Doctor Lucky, Telestrations, Werewolf, etc).

So this Saturday we are bringing out Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game and it will be the start of a regularly scheduled game night and hopefully increasingly more advanced games.

The theme of the game is very much of the pulp fiction WWII era and just like Indiana Jones. Which brings us to the problem. We want to have a bit of theme to the food and music for the evening (the game comes with a soundtrack, but it’s not to my liking). A couple ideas we’ve had so far:

  • John Williams’ soundtracks to the movies
  • A snake-shaped cake
  • Big band music (Glenn Miller, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Count Basie)
  • Apparently, monkey brains are out of the question.

If you were throwing an Indy party, what would you put out for food/play for music?

A big bowl of dates.

Chilled monkey brains and eyeball soup, right?

Raspberry jelly (or trifle) in a bowl with a monkey mask :wink:

Nepalese spirits (cheap vodka, probably)


Lots of WHIPPED cream.

Strips of beef and chicken cooked on bamboo skewers.

Stuffed peppers.

In a Calvin and Hobbes strip Calvin’s mom gets him to eat the stuffed peppers by telling him they are really monkey heads.

But seriously, since Indy spent a lot of time in the Middle East I’d look for recipes from cuisines in those countries.

Great ideas!

Bake some cookies with large jelly sweets in the middle, so they look like the staff headpiece from Raiders.

How easy would it be for you to find a lot of gold-looking cups and one wooden one for the drinks table?

An Inca Pyramid cake.

Or a coconut that rolls through a marzipan tomb.

I have no ideas, but love people like the o.p., though I dearly love my friends, they’d react with shock playing rpgs, let alone theming .

So I can’t do it, except in my dreams.

Hope it goes well, and if you sense a spectral presence ?

It will be me, being there in mind if not body .

If it weren’t for Dopers !

Decorate the door to the bathroom like the Arc of the Covenant, and then leave something unspeakable in the toilet. “Don’t look at it. Shut your eyes. Don’t look at it, no matter what happens!”

With the popularity of zombies, it’s not hard to find brain shaped jello molds or brain shaped ice cube trays. It should be relatively easy to find some that are the right size and fill them with pink jello, or pink and gray ice cream or something else.

Named Reggie.

Cool story, bro.

Actually, if you bake, say, gingerbread cut outs, half-bake a round cookie with a round hole cut in the middle. Be sure to bake them on a foil covered sheet. When half baked, pull from oven and, into the hole, spoon some crushed hard candies, like lollipops or Jolly Ranchers. Put back into oven. The candy will melt and bond to the edges of the hole.

I did this when I bake large gingerbread structures. One was a Gothic cathedral, and I did whole rose windows like this.

Whiskey, not only can you drink it when Marion dies, you can bash it over someone’s head.

And we’ve forgotten the whip already? Get some black licorice and trim the ends to look like a whip.

Not exactly food directly, but the path to the food should be laid out with a variety of tiles with letters written on them. Anyone confusing their "I"s and "J"s don’t get to eat.

And everyone should have to pick their own drinking cup out of a variety of selections.

That was a great idea! We took that and made up some thumbprint cooks and with jelly in the spot they looked like the headpiece.

We also did SnakesCatLady idea and made chicken skewers with a spicy peanut curry sauce.

One friend brought over the “Indiana Jones” drink which was 1/2 shot of whiskey, 1/2 shot of tequila, and 1 shot of champagne. Quite potent.

We also served up some dates (props to Suburban Plankton), tahini and hummus with pita bread, cucumber salad was brought, and I made cupcakes that had monkey wrappings on them.

I found a great sampler of music from WWII that went well with the theme and had the Raiders soundtrack thrown in.

Here are some pics that we took, unfortunately didn’t get the food in 'em tho.

Thanks everyone!