Need help getting the Wii online

I have a Wii, and I have a wireless network. So, in theory, I can connect the Wii to the wireless network, get into the Wii Shopping Network, and buy cool games like the old Super Mario Land that I can use on the Wii. (I mean, of course, that my kid can use on the Wii. Yeah.)

But I keep running into an error message. The Wii finds the network, but then requires me to enter a password or key.

The key I have written down is a 64-character thing with random lower-case letters and numbers, i.e. 4s3920ddw93r92…

Apparently that is not the password.

The last time I put a new thing onto this network I had to reset the router, then type various commands into each of the various things I used to access the network, and it was really a pain. I might have put in a password that I picked (as opposed to a random one) but i didn’t write it down and none of my typical passwords seems to work.

If releveant, it’s a Linksys WRT54G ver. 2

The wireless settings are SSID
Network key WEP/WPA
Key provided automatically: 0 (guess that means “no”)
Network authentication type: WPAPSK
Data encryption type: TKIP
Connection type: ESS

What else do I need to know/do in order to connect this Wii?

I would check on the router that you really have the correct 64 characters. I have a Wii that router my own string of characters from one of the router web pages. I put the string of characters in and have internet access from the Wii.

it looks like, based on something I read on the Wii site, that if I have a 64-character encryption then my password should be 10 characters, and if I have a 128-character encryption then my password should be 26 characters.

I have been typing in the whole 64-character string, which I guess is wrong. Although it does say key OR password, and that apparently is the key.

I’m a bit vague about these things, really. I have no idea what they mean by 64-character encryption even though separately I recognize all the words.

I will look when I get home. But I typed in the long string of somewhat random hexadecimal characters. I think it is 32 characters long for 128 bit encryption but I am not sure off the top of my head.

I don’t know squat about Wii’s, but I’d bet that it’s not 64 character encryption, but 64 bit encryption, which is 10 character password. Not all routers accept a “plain text” password. You may need to use a “Hex” password, which consists of the characters 0-9, A-F.

I have a different linksys router than you do. But I think you have similar control pages.

From the main page I click on the WEP key settings button. This pops up a page for the key settings. I am using a 128 bit key. There is a pass phase and there is a 26 digit hexadecimal key. I put in the 26 character key into my Wii to get access.

Call Nintendo. Seriously, they deal with these matters all the time, and their reps are quite well trained. Or, at least they were when I worked there less than a year ago :slight_smile:

Okay. I found a pass phrase, and four (yes, four!) different 26-character keys. For instance, key 1 [26 numbers & capital letters]
Key 2: [26 numbers & capital letters]
Key 3: [another string]
Key 4: [yet another string]

So, use number 1?

If this doesn’t work I will break down and call Nintendo as Red Barchetta suggested.


ETA: Well, now I see that a little circle in front of “Key 1” is checked, so I guess that means it’s the one to use. Onward.