Need help identifying a movie about a man who goes undercover in a gay bath house

I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid and thinking it was pretty funny…I was telling my friends about this recently because it seemed like it may have been made in the late 70s or 80s which seemed unusual since it’s a movie with a gay theme. It’s about this guy who is running away from something and he checks into this hotel that turns out to be a gay bath house and he encounters all sorts of funny and embarassing situations. If you know the name of this film please let me know.

The film is titled, “Norman, Is That You?”

My guess is The Ritz .

There’s also “Partners”.

Yeah, it’s “The Ritz”


“The Ritz” is Hi-fuckin-larious! F. Murray Abraham, Treat Williams, and John Ratzenberger… great fun!


The Ritz
One of my faves.