Name this Glurgey TV movie from yesteryear

To the best of my knowledge, it took place in the late 70s. It seems like it played on CBS.

It involved an adult mentally retarded (probably married) couple trying to make their way in the world.

The only scenes I remember are of a floozie trying to take sexual advantage of the retarded man when the wife is out, and the last scene, which for some reason is clear as a bell to me. They are either put up in a motel or apartment building. The retarded man huffs down to the front desk and tells the deskman that his room and the hallway leading to it is very bland and he wants another room. The deskman is amazingly diplomatic and says he’ll find him another room to their liking.

I’m pretty sure it ends with the retarded couple smiling hugely in a freeze frame as the elevator door closes.

Sounds like “Like Normal People”, from 1979.

With Shaun Cassidy.

Can’t confirm the title of the movie, but I can confirm that Shaun Cassidy played the male lead. I remember him in those scenes described in the OP.

Three words and don’t tell me you all didn’t say them a million times because, if you saw the movie and you were a kid, you did!
No babies, Rogah!

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