Need help identifying Sci-Fi comic book

This has been bugging me for years, and any help identifying the comic would be greatly appreciated.

My memory’s a bit fuzzy, but here’s what I recall about the comic:

The comic book was an anthology that I read in the mid-eighties, but the comic could be older than that. It just showed up in my house one day and I’m not sure where it came from.

The first story was about people finding out that the moon was a giant space egg containing a space dragon (or something), and that when it hatched it would cause gravitational forces to destroy the earth. Earth responded by building a giant spherical space ship to carry some of humanity away, cultists attacked before it could be launched, and only three people, one woman and two men, survived the Earth’s destruction.

Another story was reminsicent of the movie the Thing. Astronauts land on a distant planet and come in contact with an alien life form. All I really remember from that story is some of the astronauts seeing a glint on one of the aliens from a distance and later realizing that it was one of their own who had been transformed into an alien and the glint was coming from his glasses. The last page had the last two astronauts discussing what had happened when the one astronaut who was bandaged up revealed he’d been infected and attacked the other with tentacles that came out of his bandages.

The only other story I remember from the comic, was about a bioengineered life form exploring the surface of Jupiter (I know, I know!). He had human level intelligence and was in contact with someone on Earth. At one point he’s injured and the person on Earth tells him to perform acupuncture on himself. The story ended with the bioengineered life form being sent a mate.

And that all I remember!

The comic was my first introduction to harder Sci-Fi and it holds a special place in my heart. I’d kill to own a copy of it.

+5 Straight Dope Cool Points to anyone who can help me identify this comic or any of it’s stories!


BTW, the individual stories that you mentioned are:

Born of the Sun–Jack Williamson
Who Goes There–John W. Campbell Jr
Call me Joe–Poul Anderson

(From a list made by some guy.)

Those stories are from three of the four issues of the comic, so you must have had the bound collection of all four, Questar.

THANK YOU! Thats it exactly, and the cover to Questar is exactly as I remember. I think I’m going to have splurge and buy it off of Amazon so I have a hard copy.

It’s like an itch that’s been bugging me for years has finally been scratched.

31 bucks is an insane price. I’m pretty sure that I paid $9.99 for my copy from Amazon in 2009. And later, when I decided to get copies of the four original comics, too, I got them for 99 cents each on Ebay. Ebay seems to be down (!) right now, but look at ABEBooks.