Comic book experts-Story ID

Read many years ago (Sixties-Early Seventies) but could have been a reprint from earlier. Science fiction type story. Don’t remember which comic but every publisher had at least one SF type title.

OK, here’s the plot. Aliens send advance scouts to Earth posing as humans as a possible invasion target. They know what humans look like because they’ve intercepted our TV broadcasts. The scouts are detected immediately because the aliens didn’t know that actual humans are “in color” rather than “black and white”.

I’ve looked through more on-line comics looking for this thing and have read more stories about monsters with names seemingly selected by tossing random scrabble tiles into the air than I’d care to admit, so I’m tossing it out to the experts here in hopes that somebody will recognize it and be able to point me in the right direction.

I’ve heard of this one - stand by

Well I thought I could find it quickly, but not so. All I’ve found is this Early marvel age SF story: green-skinned aliens, black-and-white television - Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange
(but I thought the aliens in the version I heard about were wearing garish clothing, that stood out wildly).

The “garish clothing” one was, I believe, a print story. (Arthur C. Clarke’s “Trouble with the Natives”.)


Looks like Tales To Astonish #51: sure, the 13-page story showcased on the cover has Giant-Man beating the Human Top — but the 5-page filler story, ‘No Place To Turn’, sure seems to fit the bill, as described here.

Thanks guys. The place where I was reading comics online didn’t have the “filler stories” so I wouldn’t have found it.