Need help ID'ing song

yesterday some lines from this song popped into my head at work and nowthey won’t leave!!!

The lyrics are as follows: “Sex and drugs and rock and roll. Sex and drugs and rock and roll. Sex and drugs and rock and roll, very good indeed. Everybody needs, a little sex, and drugs, and rock and roll.

The song was played on my local rock/classic rock station DC101 back in the early '80’s.

Any of my fellow Dopers have any info?

Thanks in advance.

It’s nice to hit the preview button sometimes, but I never do:smack: :smack:

One other, no two other things:

  1. There was a fairly prominent bass line running thru the song.

  2. The singer had a fairly heavy British accent.

“Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” by Ian Dury.

When I was younger my pediatrician had a chart that overviewed the topics the doctors discussed with the patient for each age. At age 17 you discussed “Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.”

The late Ian Dury and the Blockheads