Need help installing a RAID card

While creating a Frankencomputer from surplused computers, I ran across one with a raid card and 2 60 Gb drives. One drive I put into Frank, the other I kept along with the card. I installed both of them in my desktop pc, and tried installing the raid driver, but can’t. One site had an installer that won’t get past the splash screen, and the driver file from the card manufacturer doesn’t have an installer at all. When I point the Device Manager to the install.inf file, it gives me an error, saying that the files don’t match the card.

The particulars:

raid card: Promise FastTrak 100 Tx2, BIOS ver 2.0.1

pc: Dell Optiplex GX1, original mobo (PII 450 mHz, 320 Mb memory) running Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 (build 2195).

I’d love to have a raid drive, as I’ve had two drives crash on me previously, but it isn’t essential to my work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



First things first: both PC and card are up to the latest BIOS revisions right?

See here for the GX1 BIOS.

See here for the Fastrak BIOS

See here for the Fastrak driver. To install it, simply point Windows at the .inf file in the Windows 2000 directory when Windows asks for the driver.

The other thing you can do is change the PCI slot. You might find that it’s on the same IRQ as the USB.