Need help - Linzer cookie recipe filling

Hey guys, I need some help. I have a cookie exchange on Saturday and was planning to make Raspberry Linzer Cookies for the first time. I bought raspberry jam today, but didn’t realize it had to be seedless. I checked Prime and I can’t get seedless raspberry jam by Friday.

  1. Can I use just regular raspberry jam?
  2. What else would be a fun, festive filling that’s easy to get on short notice?

Where are you generally located, Glory? Around here I could find seedless raspberry jam at Walmart, at QuikTrip (Huber’s jam displayed for Christmas), at numerous grocery stores. Do you have a tea strainer? If so, you could microwave your jam with a tablespoon of water, straining the seeds out.

I’m 9 months pregnant which makes the thought of another grocery store trip unappealing, but I guess I can keep looking or try straining it!

Use apricot jam instead, as traditional linzertorte uses. Pitless, of course. Orange marmalade might be nice, too. Or use seedless blackberry jam, which is easier to find than seedless raspberry. Otherwise, do what Vita Beata describes to strain out the seeds, which isn’t too hard when it’s hot.

Best wishes, Glory, on your pending arrival. Put those feet up!

You can probably use regular raspberry jam with the seeds. I’ve made lots of Linzer tortes that way. Straining it would work, too.