Need help programming in J2ME for BlackBerry

I’m trying to program in J2ME for BlackBerry.

Initially I want to develop a Proof of Concept application that does something very simple like submitting form data from the device to a server on the Internet.

Now I’ve figured out conceptually what I need to do, but since I haven’t programmed in J2ME before, executing it will take some effort.

I’ve decided to write a MIDlet on the device using J2ME MIDP, and I’ll be using a servlet on the server side to handle the querying.

To begin, I need some help from anyone who has programmed in J2ME, especially for the BlackBerry.

My first question is:

BlackBerry documentation seems to be saying that I have to use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (Mobile Data Service) in order to connect via http from the device to a server on the Internet. Is this true ? Is there any technique to bypass the BES/MDS and connect directly to a servlet via http ?

Any further general help, especially tutorials and sample codes are greatly appreciated.

I’ll post more questions as the need arises. Thanks much.

I know that you can go into the system settings on a BB 7150 and change the default WAP browser to browse HTTP as well, but that’s unsupported and won’t work on all providers. Also when using the WAP hack you can run into web page size limitations very easily and the page will bomb.

I’ll check my work PC tomorrow and see if I bookmarked the sites that deal with the hack.

Thanks. I did some researching and I gather that I can do this through the network provider’s WAP gateway, but I would have to specify the IP and APN programatically.

If anyone here has done some J2ME programming, I could really use some help. I am now trying to get a J2ME MIDlet to talk to a servlet on the Internet.